James & Carri Estrada,
  • We were skeptical at first but overall we had a great experience. So if you want to give them a shot I say go for it. They kept in contact with us the whole time. Thanks Guys!
    James & Carri Estrada,
    West Valley, UT

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10 Worst Mistakes To Make

Unfortunately when presented with a foreclosure most people tend to panic. We’ve compiled a list of mistakes that most families make and how they can harm you in the short and in the long term.


5 First Steps

So you’re in foreclosure. Here’s a quick list of the first 5 things you can do today to find out where you stand. Gathering information is the first step towards winning a battle and there can be no doubt, most foreclosures are a battle. Use this checklist to get armored up before it’s time to charge in.


Chapter 13 vs Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

ling Bankruptcy is a quick solution to debt. So long as a bankruptcy is filed properly and you keep to the terms agreed to, you can walk away with very little to no financial obligation. We generally suggest keeping a bankruptcy as a last ditch option.

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